Jenelle brings a varied background in communications, marketing, design, and horticulture to her work at Site Workshop. She received her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design before stepping into the world of communications. She has spent much of career in community-focused nonprofits and higher education settings leading public campaigns and outreach efforts. She supports the team through her design knowledge, graphics skills, and ability to craft compelling narratives, both visually and verbally. She has a passion for community organizing and considers thoughtfully-designed parks and public spaces as integral to the health of our communities. Jenelle is also a self-professed plant geek and lifelong gardener, and finds the temporal quality of the natural environment to be endlessly fascinating. 

Out of the office, she can be found supporting Seattle's rich music and arts communities, serving as the co-chair of the board of directors at The Vera Project. Jenelle is also an artist and quilter, and typically never too far from her sketchbook.

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