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Katie has consistently found herself fascinated by communities both big and small, floral and faunal, established and emerging. She comes to landscape architecture with a goal to understand how spaces can best serve and be accessible to all communities. Katie seeks to make spaces functional and joyful for all those who enter, and approaches landscape architecture as a facilitator of conversation and exploration between diverse voices and cultures, and the inherent biology of a site. 

Prior to joining Site Workshop Katie attended universities in Rhode Island, Brisbane, and Philadelphia, earning her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus on community design. During this time Katie also worked in entomology research, childcare, and community organizing. Moving from Philadelphia to Seattle brought entirely new ecosystems and cultures to explore. Katie has kept busy exploring the Pacific Northwest and volunteering with initiatives to combat homelessness. She is eager to help create equitable designs and dialogue in a changing city. 


Katie contributes her skills to many Site Workshop projects including the Capitol Campus Childcare center, improvements to Owen Beach in Tacoma, and Block Home 008.