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Maria Arevalo-Martinez


Maria Arevalo-Martinez (she/her) focuses on the intersections of human, nature, and climate in landscape architecture and urban design. She believes that all outdoor spaces should be equally designed while leading with preservation of community, improving ecological health, and providing new experiences for multi-generations. She strives to learn and engage in community-driven designs because she believes that the best places are created when it comes from the local community. Maria’s interests lie in the public realm including restoration projects, community parks, adaptive streets, and park improvements.


Maria is in her final year as a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Washington. As Site Workshop's intern, Maria is excited to work/learn alongside professionals that are setting new precedents for functional yet playful landscapes for all people.


In her free time, Maria enjoys reading, exercising, and exploring parks. Despite her fear of heights, she's always up for the challenge and takes any opportunity to experience outdoor activities.

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