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As a technophile who is ever fascinated by the natural world, Patrick actively explores the connections between ecological and manufactured systems. He began his studies at the University of Washington in bio-engineering, but his passion for design led him to pursue landscape architecture. Working in this field allows him to create simple and refined solutions in the built environment through his understanding of how things work.

With roots in both the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, Patrick deeply appreciates the complexities of these two diverse regions. While practicing in the city of Los Angeles, Patrick found ways to meet the challenges of design in urban areas to energize public open space. Likewise, his work at Site Workshop allows him to further his collaborative approach to creative and artful problem-solving.

Outside of the office, Patrick enjoys reading, roaming, exploring and working with his hands in the garden and garage alike.


Patrick's projects include 555 Bellevue, Arista Residences, and Foss Waterway Park.