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555 Bellevue

Location: Bellevue, WA

Size: Ground plane 88,250 SF / Roof decks 14,700 SF

Status: In Construction
Client: Vulcan
Design Partner: NBBJ

Located within the Bellevue downtown core, this new mixed-use office development encourages walkability and provides outdoor public spaces that serve as destinations— creating a more active public realm. Situated along the greater Bellevue Grand Connection and the planned Bikeway Corridor Improvement Project, the project focuses on creating a powerful street experience while reintroducing green space back into the urban core. Leveraging the steep grade change across the site, the design provides a series of viewpoints and moments for pause which invite visitors to enjoy rich plantings and natural materials. Additionally, the planting design reinforces way-finding throughout the site. A mid-block corridor and accessible paths provide pedestrian access to retail storefronts positioned along active public plaza space.

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