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Landscape Architecture

Land Use Planning & Entitlements
Community Engagement
Master Planning
Site Selection
Sustainable Design
Horticultural Consulting
Interior Landscapes

our practice

We are landscape architects who collaborate with clients, communities, architects, engineers, scientists, and artists. Our client base ranges from local community groups to private corporations, and we maintain a balanced portfolio of public and private work that includes projects at every scale.


We are advocates for the artful transformation of the public realm. Our work includes parks and public open space, civic and healthcare facilities, campuses, urban commercial development, schools, multi-modal design, and intimate gardens. Our services typically include open-space planning, entitlements, community engagement, site design, concept development, presentation drawings, construction documents, horticultural consulting, and construction administration.


At the end of the day, we get our work built, even in the most competitive public bid environments, because we partner with the community, our clients, and design associates.  Our approach takes commitment, creativity, and more than often, a bit of humor.​


Sustainability is integral to our approach for every project we undertake, regardless of LEED or SITES aims. From the start of a project on, we thoughtfully consider resource efficiency, re-use of materials, long-term costs relating to maintenance, and impacts on both municipal infrastructure and the environment. We also expect sustainable features to be more than reliably functional—they should also make a strong aesthetic contribution to the overall design. In fact, our work has been honored with a number of awards that recognize our leadership in creating memorable urban places that seamlessly incorporate green infrastructure elements and celebrate their function.

community-driven design

We are rooted in our community, and value volunteer-driven, grant-funded projects. We have gained a reputation for lively public design workshops where we promote active participation by community members of all ages and backgrounds. 

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