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The Spheres

Client: Amazon
Partners: NBBJ

Status: Completed 2018

Awards: Denny Regrade Campus, ASLA (national), Honor Award for Urban Design, 2022

Inspired by the Victorian conservatories from the golden age of botanical exploration, Amazon’s Spheres offers an innovative workplace typology based in an immersive, nature-rich environment that tests the limits of biophilic design for interior landscapes. Home to more than 40,000 plants and 400 species, the Spheres is a botanical institution in its own right, emphasizing the conservation of plants from the world's tropical cloud forests. The humid yet cool interior environment is both welcoming and refreshing, inviting extended visits and in-depth exploration of intensive planting displays that include trees as large as 55' tall alongside orchids that fit on a fingertip.


With a variety of informal gathering areas, food service and events spaces integrated throughout the building and interior landscape, the Spheres is a place for employees to connect with each other. At the same time, a variety of immersive planting displays engage employees in the natural world, creating a restorative environment that relieves stress, invites curiosity and sparks creativity. 

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