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Fort Steilacoom Trailhead

Partners: FiveDot Architecture

Funded in part by an RCO grant, the project focuses on improving access to and through the historic, 340-acre Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. Expanded and revised parking was designed to protect existing trees, while accommodating new on-site stormwater management facilities. The project also revises a key intersection at the Angle Lane entry to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians.


Also central to the project are two renovated trailheads and trails with wayfinding elements and associated amenities. Significantly the project includes a custom restroom facility that was designed to be cost-effective, while also making a strong aesthetic contribution to the park, consistent with its rural character and the historic structures on site. The improvements will provide new and upgraded access to park amenities, including a 24-acre dog park, 30-acre Waughop Lake, a historic cemetery and barns, sport fields, and event venues.


Landscape restoration associated with the project focuses on enhancing habitat, incorporating native prairie with seed of local provenance. The seeding strategy offers a considerable cost savings compared to container stock, while also supporting restoration of an important remnant prairie.

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