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Kevin Van Meter


Kevin Van Meter.jpg

Kevin works to construct places that facilitate narrative and ritual, both personal and communal. His greatest successes come when people transform the physical elements of landscapes—their plants, pathways, enclosures, and vistas—into rich and meaningful experiences. The magnetism of an iconic destination, the intimacy of a courtyard, the vitality of a pedestrian corridor, and the serenity of an alpine lake are the intangible qualities of place that people value, remember, and return to. Through these qualities, a place embeds into people’s imaginations and becomes a part of their lives.

Kevin’s backgrounds in dance and education inform his approach to the evocative capacity of landscape. Through dance, he learned to mobilize the kinetic and emotional qualities of form, rhythm, and tempo to open a dialogue with an audience’s inner understanding. Through teaching, he witnessed the way that people continuously renew and develop themselves through interaction with their environments. Kevin strives to create landscapes that are worthy of the emotional, intellectual, and bodily depth of his fellow humans.


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