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Matthew Wood


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Bringing an emphasis on horticulture to our practice, Matt uses a living systems approach to integrate nature into the built environment. His comprehensive knowledge of plants, ecology, and land management helps us creatively develop immersive, nature-rich landscapes that benefit both people and wildlife. He is especially interested in planting and soil strategies that minimize maintenance and resource consumption. Whatever the project, Matt’s goal is to create landscapes that encourage people to recognize plants as living beings—and more importantly, living beings that are integral to vital, connected systems.

Matt’s influence on our work can be seen in a wide variety of projects, from the native Puget Sound prairie at Dune Peninsula and Fort Steilacoom, to edible landscapes such as the roof terrace of the University of Washington’s Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, to restorative landscapes at healthcare facilities for clients such as Seattle Children’s and Swedish Medical Center. Most recently, he spent nearly a decade developing the urban botanical garden that is Amazon’s 4.5-block HQ1 development in Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood, including the Spheres.

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