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Sarah Canepa


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Sarah finds her greatest fulfillment as a designer when working in partnership with communities to shape the public realm. She believes in an approach to landscape architecture that values local knowledge of a site, and seeks to understand existing histories and meanings as a basis for designs that galvanize human relationships with place. In addition to her commitment to learning from each project’s unique social and ecological context, her background in studio art informs her design perspective. She finds joy in testing ideas by hand and employs her experience with craft in refining projects at a detail level. She strives to build thoughtful relationships between form, materiality, and the many intangible qualities of a site to create impactful, enduring landscapes.


Sarah holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Whitman College. She brings to Site Workshop a diverse array of prior project experience, mostly sited in the Pacific Northwest, that ranges from large scale park master planning to private sector plaza and garden design.

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