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Viewlands Elementary

Location: Seattle, WA

Size: 6.5 acres

Client: Seattle Public Schools

Status: In Design

Partners: Mahlum Architects

The site design for Viewlands Elementary centers around 3 major goals: To connect the school to Carkeek Park and infuse it with outdoor learning opportunities; to create safe and universal access to the school and throughout its grounds; and to provide fun and unique spaces for active and creative play at recess, after school activities, and for the community.  The site is an outdoor classroom, situated at the upper slopes of the Piper’s Creek watershed in northwest Seattle, with striking vistas over the treetops of Carkeek Park, to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond.  It will utilize this inherent character and unique sense-of-place for both daily outdoor learning and for special field trips beyond school grounds. The design will pull Carkeek’s nature up into the school grounds, while also making the school grounds a launch point for kids and community to access the park.

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