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Wilson Way Bridge and Trail

Client: Metro Parks Tacoma

Completed 2019

The Wilson Way multi-modal trail and bridge connects the greater Point Defiance Park to the redeveloped waterfront, providing the missing link between the long-planned Downtown to Defiance trail. The minimalist design for the bridge cuts an elegant profile as it soars 50-feet above the landscape and provides an accessible “moment” of pause at the bow-shaped overlook. At this node, visitors can enjoy views to the peninsula, ferry landing, and Mt. Rainier on clear days, while comfortable, custom benches provide a place to rest.


The 550-foot long bridge connects to Dune Peninsula via a trail that is carved into an excavated 80-foot bluff, animated by pause points and curiosities including a log scramble, climbing boulder and a series of raptor snag perches. At the crest of the bluff, a grand staircase connects to the marina parking lot below with a network of slides playfully integrated into the hill climb—a real-life Chutes & Ladders.

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